18/65 Law

In accordance with Chapter 338 of the Acts of 2020, Section 32B also known as the “18/65 Law,” we do not impose any fee, charge or other assessment against the checking account of any person age 65 or older, or age 18 or younger. However, a reasonable charge, as determined by the Commissioner of Banks, may be assessed against such accounts when payment has been refused due to insufficient funds. Our fee for insufficient funds does not exceed $5.00 per check. Please refer to our separate fee schedule for additional information about charges.

You must notify us of your eligibility to receive these benefits. Please notify the Alden Credit Union when you open your account(s) if you are in either of these age groups or if you become eligible for fee waivers at any time during your account holding. Eligible persons who have not already registered for this service should contact us by visiting a branch office or by calling us at (413) 536-0475.